Guide Modules Tutorial

Using Natural Objects with the Composer


This short guide looks at creating objects from the following modules with the RezMela Composer:

  • Themed plants
  • Hills
  • Rocks

This guide assumes that you know the basics of creating scenes using the RezMela Composer. If you need help on that, consult the RezMela Composer user guide.

Random feature

The objects in these modules can be given a more natural appearance by switching on the Composer’s Random feature while creating your scene. For more information, see the document The ‘Random’ feature of the RezMela Composer.

Theme changer

Objects in these modules are designed to be compatible with the Theme Changer (Landscapes) module. These means that their appearance (textures) can be changed very easily, for example to reflect seasonal changes. So an entire scene can be changed from a summery theme to a wintery theme with a few clicks.

For more information, see the user guide for the Theme Changer.

The Theme Changer also works with the Square Tiles, Hexatiles and Landbases modules.