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Build outstanding virtual world apps without coding skills

The RezMela system enables the casual and rapid creation of user content in a 3D virtual space. Users can create content ranging from virtual post-it notes to 3D campuses including flora and fauna.

Intuitive and Fast

RezMela enables users without 3D design and programming skills to create 3D apps relevant to users’ goals within reasonable time frames.


3D apps created with RezMela can accommodate teams of any size, from a small office room to an industrial complex.


RezMela’s wide range of tools supports collaborative working in teams. As team members shape their 3D app, they can interact with each other through speech and text.


Users are able to create apps from the rapid assembly of thoughtfully designed modules.

We transform traditional
3D navigation and interaction
to a 2D point and click adventure

Ramesh Ramloll, CEO, RezMela

Main components of the RezMela system

The RezMela system comprises apps, modules and scene files.


A RezMela app is a 3D application that runs inside a 3D virtual world platform. It can support many productivity functions, such as 3D graphics and presentation editors, supporting team spatial ideation processes. Other apps enable rapid prototyping of virtual environments and the creation of 3D panoramas of real world locations.


Every app has a modules stack. Modules are libraries of objects that a particular app needs. Objects in modules are thoughtfully designed to maximize re-use in diverse contexts. Objects can be static, such as desks and shelves, or interactive, such as text or image posters. App creators choose the modules to make the app do what they want.

scene files…

A scene is a file that describes the location, orientation and states of objects in a particular setting. It allows users to save the results of using an app. A scene file could be a poster wall or a labelled model of a molecule or a 3D virtual campus complete with NPCs. Scene files can be shared among colleagues for collaborative purposes.

Easy-to-use applications for virtual worlds

The RezMela system enables the creation of intuitive virtual worlds that are comfortable to use for extended periods of time without the need for a headset or other hardware.

By deploying a design principle of ‘economy of motion’, a streamlined interface enables users to explore 3D social virtual worlds using simple actions such as click to view and long-click to jump that facilitate inworld camera control and avatar navigation.

This minimalist interface enables a radically increased accessibility to 3D virtual worlds for a larger audience of users, including those with mobility challenges, via a wide range of devices from desktop computers to tablets.

Blending 2D and 3D for greater productivity

RezMela’s minimalist approach helps users create virtual environments that blend the real-world productivity gains historically demonstrated by 2D environments with social affordances that only 3D environments can provide.

Create your own virtual world apps

RezMela uses a modular approach that enables designers to make their own virtual world apps without programming. By snapping components together, apps for productivity, collaboration or learning can be quickly created and customised for virtual world environments that can be accessed through traditional keyboard, mouse or touch screens.

Current applications

This technology is currently being used to support applications in areas such as:

  • Emergency preparedness
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Business
  • Virtual heritage
  • Immersive language instruction
  • Educational video content production

In house use of RezMela to support our development process

The RezMela system is the result of a multi-year collaborative effort involving experts with complimentary and multidisciplinary skill sets. Since our team is geographically separated, this product development effort is in itself a great example of interested parties coming together in a virtual world for long periods of time in order to develop tangible products.

Meet the team

Rezmela team
Rameshsharma (Ramesh) Ramloll

Founder/CEO/Product Lead Designer

Ramesh started his computing career as an early teen writing code for the BBC Electron microcomputer. Many of the motivations from then have persisted over the years. He has always been intrigued by the productivity and immersive opportunities that computing provides. Ramesh followed a typical path in academia, collecting his first degree in Computer Science and Engineering, and eventually a PhD in Computer Science. By working in both academia and the industry, he was able to see the strengths and weaknesses of both environments. As a researcher and Professor, he was able to carry out research in the field, publish, win generously funded research grants, direct large teams and win academic accolades. Working in the industry made him understand the process for raising funding, assembling teams, earning patents and developing tangible products. His research papers have been cited 1172 times so far according to Google scholar.

John Origin

Principal Programmer

John has been programming since the mid 1970s, and a professional developer since 1982. After creating applications for a diverse selection of industries, including car parts supplies, bakeries, power generation and the legal profession, John started to concentrate on virtual worlds in 2007, joining the RezMela team in early 2014.

Sue Caxton

App Designer/Editor

Sue brings decades of experience in mainstream academic and educational publishing to the RezMela team, which she joined in 2017. Her focus is on enabling the speedy creation of complete, immersive and interactive environments. Her ideas for Landtile and Octorooms apps were brought skillfully to fruition by other members of the team.

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