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Seating in RezMela

A number of objects in RezMela Composer modules are “sittable” – that is, you can sit on them, and your avatar will be animated.

Some such objects are not actually seats at all. For example, Animation Orbs are spheres that you can “sit on” which could trigger animations such as dancing.

Currently, these objects are contained in the Seating module and the Rattan Furniture module.

How it works

Seat objects work in different ways depending on whether or not you’re signed into the Composer.

If you (or anyone else) are signed in to the Composer, you’re effectively “edit mode”, and you can select seat objects like any other object, by long-clicking on them.

You can see here how the mouse cursor over the chair is the hand icon (touch), which is normal for objects when you’re signed in to the Composer:

Hand icon on seat

Clicking the object normally (short click) will normally have no effect unless you have another object selected, or are in “Create” mode. In those cases, the object will be placed on the chair. Of course, you can select the chair by long-clicking in this mode.

When nobody is signed into the Composer, the seat objects change into their normal mode. You can see this with the mouse cursor, which now the “sit” icon:

Sit icon on seat

So clicking on the chair will seat your avatar. You will also receive a message in chat saying “Click for menu”. If you move your mouse over the chair, the icon is now the “touch” (hand) icon, and you can click the chair to get a menu:

Clicking the chair to get a menu

Let’s look at that menu a little closer:

Main menu, showing available poses

The first six buttons are different animations you can use (you may see different animations depending on what the creator has set up for this object). The “Close” button makes the menu go away.

The “[ ADJUST ]” button loads another menu, in which you can adjust the position of your avatar:

Adjustment menu

Clicking the buttons on that menu will adjust the avatar’s position. This is only a temporary adjustment, and will not affect other avatars that use the object later. So it’s ideal for adjusting positions for unusually shaped or sized avatars.

Note that not all sittable objects have a menu. Animation orbs, for example, disappear while in use and don’t have a menu. If you need to adjust the position of the avatar in this case, you’ll need to move the orb itself.