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The Crown Jewels Hunt module


The Crown Jewels Hunt module is a RezMela Composer module that contains a treasure hunt game. In this game, contestants can hunt for colored gemstones (scattered around the scene and maybe hidden) which are then added to a crown that they wear. The first contestant to collect all colors is the winner.

This guide assumes that you know the basics of creating scenes using the RezMela Composer. If you need help on that, consult the RezMela Composer user guide.

Objects included

When the module is enabled, you can find all the objects in the Create menu, under the category Quest items -> Crown and gems.

You will see the following objects:

The Treasure Hunt Server is the object that lets you control games, as well as lets contestants join the game. The eight gems are the items to be found.

The objects in-world

Using the Crown Jewels hunt

You always need one Treasure Hunt Server in your scene, and all eight colors of gems. You can have multiple gems of the same color, but if any color is missing it won’t be possible for anyone to complete the game.

The Server should be in a place that’s easily accessible to the contestants as well as yourself. The gems can be hidden around your scene, to create a challenge for the contestants to find them all.

Gems can be hidden to make things more difficult

How the game works

When a contestant clicks the server to enter a game, a crown will appear on their head with eight colored sections on top, one for each color of gem.

When a contestant finds a gem, they click it to claim it. It will disappear from the scene (for the duration of the game) and appear on their crown. Because the gem disappears, this means that no other contestant can claim it. However, if you have multiple gems of the same color in the scene, this is not a problem.

Bear in mind that it’s possible for a game to be impossible to complete if there are not enough gems of each color for all the contestants. For a simple example, if there are two contestants (A and B), and one one red gem and one green gem, A might claim the red gem and B might claim the green one. Now neither A nor B can finish the game.

Operating the game

There are two active parts to the server: the gearwheel on the bottom right is for you to control the games, and the picture of the crown is where people can click to join a game in progress. The rest of the object can be long-clicked to select for moving, etc.

Once you have placed enough of all eight colors of gems around the scene, and the contestants are ready to start, sign out of the Composer, click the gearwheel on the server, and you will see this menu:

Click New game and the game will start. Above the server you’ll see text like this:

to indicate that a game is running but nobody has yet joined.

Each contestant can then click the crown picture to join the game. When they do so, an empty crown will appear on their head like this:

and the text above the server will show the names of people who have joined, like this:

The game is now in progress, although other contestants can join at any time until the game is over.

To play, the contestants must find a gem of each color and click it. When they click a gem, it will “move” from its current position onto the similar-colored section of their crown. However, if they click a gem of a color they already have, nothing happens and the gem remains there for others to click.

The crown after finding two gems

Once a contestant clicks their eighth and final color, the game is over. Everyone’s crown disappears, the gems in the scene reappear, and the winner is announced to all players. Their name also appears over the server.

You can now start another game if you wish.

Winner text

An additional feature of the Crown Jewels Hunt is that you can specify text that is sent only to the winner for each game. This text could contain a link they can follow to claim a prize, or it could just be a congratulatory message in addition to the one they normally receive.

If you’d like to set up a winner message, click the gearwheel icon and select Winner text from the menu. You can then enter or paste the text you wish to send, and click Submit:

The text will be sent only to the winning player; other players will simply be told who won.


This concludes the guide to the Crown Jewels Hunt module. If you have any questions or problems, please do not hestitate to contact us at RezMela and we will do our best to help you. Thank you for your purchase!