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App Libraries

As you probably know, RezMela Apps contain a variety of objects you can use in your creations, falling into various different categories. This guide will give you an overview of how that works in practice.

Each App has one or more modules that each contain objects that relate to each other in some way. A module might contain a series of differently shaped but matching desks, for example, whereas another contains chairs. These modules could then be placed into an Office App, and any other App that needs desks and/or chairs.

The different modules that an App contains constitute the library of objects that you see when you select “Create” on the HUD.

This has implications for sharing exported scenes. For example, if one person has the Office App described above, and exports it to a notecard which they then give to another person, the second person can only import the notecard into an App that contains the modules used in the original scene. If that original scene contained only desks, then the recipient’s App needs to have the Desks module.